Snow Blowers Review

Parents can easily question the practicality of a snow blower when teenage children reside in the house. Shoveling snow teaches kids responsibility and lets them contribute at home. However, should you have a long driveway, frequent snowstorms or large quantities of snow buildup, you can spare your children of character building opportunities by purchasing a snow blower to quickly and easily remove snow in little time.

Snow Blowers: What to Look For

Snow throwers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of varying jobs. Not every region receives the same amount of snow, so you’ll need to consider how well a device will cope with the amount of snow you receive.

Product Specifications
Even the best snow throwers only thrive under the conditions for which they were designed. Each blower possesses a specific clearing width, which is how much snow horizontally can be removed in a single pass. In addition, each device can only perform up to a specific snow-cut depth, or the depth of snow it can pump through the thrower. Any larger quantity of snow will need to be worked over much like with a lawn, meaning multiple passes.

When you compare snow blowers, you’ll see some are single-stage and others are double-stage. Single-stage throwers use a spinning auger at the front of the machine to break apart snow and immediately throw it through the discharge chute. For homes with single driveways and sidewalks covered in snow, this is an ideal type of snow blower. Double-stage blowers augment the auger with an impeller, or a fan-like device that sucks snow out of the auger and dispenses it through the discharge chute. The double-stage, due to its multiple motors, is better suited to large snow removal jobs.

Fuel Type
Snow blowers are powered through one of two ways: electric or gas. Electric blowers are naturally more compact in size and weight and ideal for small snow removal jobs – both due to power cable restrictions and power consumption. Gas blowers are heavier than electric, but oftentimes contain more power for larger snow removal jobs.

Snow removal equipment is incredibly valuable for homes with long driveways and frequent snow storms. These powerful machines can quickly pick up snow and toss it out of the way without all the back-breaking labor associated with using a snow shovel. By purchasing a device with the right amount of power, you can quickly regain control of your home against the icy breath of Jack Frost.

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